Receive Top Dollar for Your Surplus Hardware!!!!!

CorpTech, is always in the market of buying IBM systems and features. 

Consider us after your next upgrade or better yet upgrade with us and we will give you a net price on your purchase.

Currently we are very interested in the following systems:

IBM machine types:  9405, 9406, 9407, 8203, 8204,

IBM Model types:  515, 520, 550, 570, M15. M25, MMA. E4A, E4B, E8A, E8B  

IBM marketed:  iSeries, pSeries, i5, p5, AS/400, eServer, POWER6, POWER7 

We can also use certain older systems:

Try us before sending it to the landfill.  Many times older systems can find new life and utility. Parts and components can be used and re-purposed by us.  What cant be used by us will be handled and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.  Your system won't end up in the landfill if you send it to CorpTech.

We need your parts, components, and features:

Just because you don't have a large amount of equipment doesn't mean it won't be worth your time.  Large lots or a single piece doesn't matter to us.  We are always buying  memory, disk drives, raid cards, I/O controller cards, and expansion units.  Check your equipment closet and let us know.

What about shipping?

CorpTech makes it EASY.  We can provide boxes, packing materials and shipping labels.  We can even call the shipper(UPS or Fedex) to pick up your package.  For larger shippment we use professional high value movers to come inside your facility to package and load the equipment.  All of our carriers are fulling insured carrying workman's comp and general liability.

What about my data.  Should i be concerned about my disk drives? 

You can rest assured that your data will be discarded in compliance with DOD policies and procedures.  We will immediately initialization all hard disk back to the condition they were when they were manufactured originally.  Not even the slightest byte will remain.  We can also provide a nondisclosure agreement and proof of initialization document.  If you would like to sanitize your drives before they leave your facility we can walk you through this procedure as well.  We will do whatever it takes to show you your data is destroyed and unavailable to be used by anyone else.

To Sell your surplus simply send us an email, fax, or phone call. Tell us the following:

  1. What is the condition of the equipment?
  2. Where is the equipment located?
  3. If the equipment is large, do you have a loading dock/can you pallatize?
  4. Can smaller items be boxed for UPS shipment?
  5. If you have a system, what is the config and serial number?
  6. What dollar amount are you seeking?

If your system is up for lease renewal and/or you are considering a buyout, CorpTech would be happy to provide you with a professional appraisal for $50.00 fee.

Send inquires via:

Phone: 1 866-306-9406