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10ZiG V1200 Zero Client for PCoIP

10zig System i LAN Consoles
Item Number: Tera 2321
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Price: Starting at $355

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V1200 Zero Client for PCoIP

Next-Generation System

10ZiG's next-generation Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client, the V1200-P, supports the efficiency and security of centralized computing and offers a truly uncompromised desktop experience. The V1200-P's latest chipset (Tera2 PCoIP Portal Processor) delivers a powerful, secure and easy to manage PCoIP Zero Client. This Zero client offers a seamless solution with dynamic features and a performance that will meet the growing needs of any expanding VDI environment.

Specifically designed with a small carbon footprint, the V1200-P only consumes 6-12 Watts of power. This is half the power of the previous generations, thus helping any organization lower their power consumption and general virus exposure, resulting is a much lower total cost of ownership.

This Zero Client eliminates the need for running, managing, maintaining, or securing enterprise desktops while still delivering high end-user elements. With four USB ports, rich multimedia playback, HD audio and multiple monitor support, the V1200-P is the perfect fit for any VMware VDI environment.

A three year advance exchange warranty comes standard with this unit. The warranty also includes three years of technical support and software upgrades. In addition, this unit comes with a centralized management utility. This is an unlimited user license covered under the same support agreement as the units themselves.

10zig System i LAN Consoles

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