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9406 270 iSeries

IBM AS/400 9406 270 iSeries
Price: $1,500.00

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iSeries Model 270

The Model 270 delivers the processing power to competitively run applications leveraging new technologies like Domino, server-side Java, Web-enablers, and a multitude of other e-business tools that generally drive a higher ratio of CPU versus I/O, database, and other iSeries resources.

The iSeries Model 270 is an ideal:

Alternative to PC servers
Replacement for older AS/400 and System/36 units
Server for running workloads designed for interactive, client-server, or network-centric computing
e-business solution introduction (e.g., Domino, Java, Internet)
Development/test platform
Department or multiples solution

Customers interested in a high-performing server for multiple workloads, who intend to perform CPU-intensive processing should select a Model 270 with the base level of interactive performance (enough to do system administration).

Customers who are moving toward a mixture of workloads that include CPU-intensive applications should select a Model 270 with a higher optional level of interactive performance.

Customers who continue to have interactive processing requirements should consider the value offered by the Models 250 or 820, where increased interactive performance is added more economically.

If you have a non-RISC AS/400 model with less performance than the Model 270, you should evaluate this offering. If you are running interactive applications dependent on 5250-type interfaces, and are considering adding new server software, the Model 270 provides an alternative with outstanding capabilities for both environments.

You can configure some of the more common configuration using the above menues. If you need a more customized configuration, call your CorpTech sales rep at 866-306-9406.

IBM AS/400 9406 270 iSeries

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