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5735 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter 577D

5735 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter 577D
Item Number: 8203 5735
Price: $200.00

#5735 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter
The 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter is a high- performance adapter based on the Emulex
LPe12002 PCIe Host Bus Adapter (HBA). Each port provides single initiator capability over a fibre link. The ports have LC
(Lucent Connector or Local Connector) type connectors and utilize shortwave laser optics. The adapter connects to fibre
channel switches and operates at link speeds of 2, 4, and 8 Gbps. The adapter automatically negotiates with the switch to
the highest speed of which the switch is capable. LEDs on each port provide information on the status and link
speed of the port.
Cables are the responsibility of the customer. Use multimode fibre optic cables with short-wave lasers that adhere to the
 OM3 - multimode 50/125 micron fibre, 2000 MHz*km bandwidth
 OM2 - multimode 50/125 micron fibre, 500 MHz*km bandwidth
 OM1 - multimode 62.5/125 micron fibre, 200 MHz*km bandwidth
OM2 cables can only be connected to other OM1 cables. For best results, OM2 cables should not be
connected to OM3 cables. However, if an OM2 cable is connected to an OM3 cable, the characteristics of the OM2 cable
apply to the entire length of the cables.
The following shows the supported distances for the three different cable types at the three different link speeds.
OM3: .5m - 500m (2.125 Gbps); .5m - 380m (4.25 Gbps); .5m - 150m (8.5 Gbps)
OM1: .5m - 150m (2.125 Gbps); .5m - 70m (4.25 Gbps); .5m - 121 (8 .5Gbps)
OM3: .5m - 300m (2.125 Gbps); .5m - 150m (4.25 Gbps); .5m - 50m (8.5 Gbps)
Attributes provided: Dual Port Fibre Channel. Tape and DSnnnn attachment support
Attributes required: 1 Empty PCIe slot
For 8203-E4A, 8204-E8A, 9117-MMA:
Minimum required: 0
Maximum allowed: 8203-E4A, 8204-E8A: 3 (Initial order maximum: 3); 9117-MMA: 4 per processor enclosure (Initial order
maximum: 4 per enclosure)
Tape and DSnnnn disk attachment supported.
 IBM i 6.1. IBM i has specific tape and device support considerattions. noins
 AIX 5L for POWER version 5.3 with the 5300-09 Technology Level
 AIX Version 6.1 with the 6100-02 Technology Level
 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 for POWER Systems or later.
 Red Hat Enterprise LInux for POWER version 4.7 or later.
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER version 5.2 or later.
Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both
CSU: Yes
Return parts MES: No
Refer to the following IBM storage subsystem Web page for additional supported server attachment information
for IBM devices.
The Prerequisite Web site can help identify fixes or firmware level updates required for support by each operating system:

5735 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter 577D

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