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5580 - 2780 Ctlr w/Aux Write Cache w/ cable

5580 - 2780 Ctlr w/Aux Write Cache
Item Number: 9406 5580
Price: $400.00

#5580 - 2780 Ctlr w/Aux Write Cache
The #5580 provides a disk controller with auxiliary write cache to improve cache data redundancy. The #5580 includes a
#2780 PCI-X Ultra4 RAID Disk Controller and a secondary IOA with 757 MB of auxiliary maximum compressed write cache.
The #2780 and the secondary IOA each require one PCI-X slot and must be installed together in the same system unit or
I/O unit/drawer/tower. The #2780 and the auxiliary write cache IOA are connected by a SCSI cable (provided). Feature
#2780 does not appear on IBM ordering, shipping, or inventory documentation.
The connecting SCSI cable is attached to port four of the #2780, reducing the number of SCSI buses that support disk
drives from four to three. The reduction of SCSI buses can also reduce the number of disk drives supported by the #2780,
depending on the system or I/O unit/drawer/tower in which the #2780 is installed. No disk drives are driven by the auxiliary
write cache IOA.
Minimum operating system level: OS/400 V5R2 with CUM C5123520 and prerequisite PTFs, or i5/OS V5R3 with
cumulative PTF package C5102530 and prerequisite PTFs.
Supported on Models 270, 520, 550, 570, 595, 800, 810, 820, 830, 840, 870, 890, and 9411-100.
There is no performance gain using the #5590.
 New order alternatives to the #2780 include #5738, or #5777 PCI disk controller

5580 - 2780 Ctlr w/Aux Write Cache

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